About Us

S-Bar-S is in the business of building dreams.

For three generations we have had the pleasure of making thousands of dreams come true. From state of the art riding arenas to a backyard office, we have built dreams one building at a time.

And the retail building materials store helps people build and maintain their dreams on their own.

So whether you are interested in DIY or completely done-for-you, S-Bar-S is the place for all your building needs.

A pole barn under construction with exposed posts and trusses.
Since 1971, S-Bar-S has been locally owned by the same family. We don't answer to a franchise. We answer to you. Our reputation is on the line with every building that we build and with every 2x4 that we sell. Our answer to that is by doing business in a straight-forward, "no bull crap" manner.
Front of the S-Bar-S retail building with crew truck and employee team gathered around.

We aren't just proud of the buildings that we build, S-Bar-S is proud to be a part of the community by employing many people throughout the years and by supporting the community through Little League sponsorship, Boy Scout fundraising with our annual Christmas tree sales, and helping small businesses reach customers by holding craft fairs. All of these are more dreams and aspirations that we have had the pleasure of being involved in.

S-Bar-S has had the honor of serving Montana and norther Wyoming for over 50 years and looks forward to the years ahead with the next generation at the helm. 

A Brief History of S-Bar-S


S-Bar-S begins as a farm and ranch supplier specializing in posts, poles, rough lumber and pre-built livestock feeders.


The company is purchased by the current family of owners.


The business is incorporated and construction of larger-scale projects begins.


Management changes to the 2nd generation of owners.


A series of expansions is completed, including expansions to the retail store and the building shop.


Purchase and installation of the truss plant and another shop expansion.


Completion of another expansion that includes additions of retail, office and shop areas.


Completion of the yard expansion and building display area.


Increase in staff and management to deal with the increase in sales and workloads.


Begin expansion of new 22,500 sq. ft. retail Building Center.


Completion of the retail Building Center with additions to the Rental Center, doubling the size of the production facility, upgrading equipment and paved parking areas.


Management changes to the 3rd generation of ownership.

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