Plumbing & Electrical


If you have a plumbing or electrical project to do, then S-Bar-S is the place to go for all the parts and fittings that you need.

The Plumbing Department carries Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings as well as Schedule 40 DWV pipe and fittings. We also carry polypropylene insert fittings, black iron pipe fittings, galvanized pipe fittings, brass pipe fittings, and copper pipe fittings. S-Bar-S carries a wide variety of valves and stocks Shark Bite fittings.

If you are looking to repair a toilet or faucet, then we have the parts that you need to get the job done. Sink drain pipe, supply lines and valves are carried in stock as well.

Framed internal wall that still has plumbing pipes and electrical wires exposed.
Jumbled bundle of 90 degree elbow fittings for copper pipe.

You can install a new faucet, sink, toilet, garbage disposal, pump and more with items carried at S-Bar-S. You can even shop our selection of vanities, toilet seats, towel bars & matching accessories.

S-Bar-S also is a distributor of MARC drain line chemical products, along with Insta-Flo, Roebic, and Rid-X.

If you are worried about your pipes freezing in Montana’s winter weather, Then come on in to S-Bar-S for a selection of heat tape and pipe insulation.


Electrical woes got you down? Then visit S-Bar-S’ electrical department, where we have the supplies you need to finish the job.

S-Bar-S carries outlets and switches along with the electrical boxes to install them in. We have Romex wire and conduit & conduit fittings. Circuit breakers for Square D, GE and Siemens are stocked. And of course, we the basics like electrical tape, wire connectors, terminal connectors, cable ties, and a selection of electrical tools.

To further round out the S-Bar-S electrical department, we carry extension cords, light bulbs, furnace filters, work lights, flash lights, and light fixtures. And let’s not forget the batteries! S-Bar-S carries batteries to keep your electronics going and going.

Store shelving holding electrical outlets and their cover plates.

S-Bar-S has rental equipment too!

Check out our rental department for plumbing snakes and more.

Get even more plumbing & electrical items at our online store!

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