Rental Equipment

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Why buy expensive equipment that you only use for one project?

Especially when you can rent that equipment for a fraction of the cost.

 S-Bar-S has many items in our rental department to help you complete your project. Equipment can be rented for a few hours or for a week. This flexibility gives you control of your project and your costs. Call today for availability.

Man wearing a hard hat and using a concrete saw.

*Images are representative only and do not indicate actual make/model to be rented.

rear tine rototiller

Rear Tine Tiller

$18/hr. - $54 for 4 hrs. - $108/day

Lawn power rake for dethatching.

Power Rake

$18/hr. - $108/day

Lawn aerator

Lawn Aerator

$18/hr. - $114/day - $450/week

Gas powered lawn edger

Gas Lawn Edger

$22 for 2 hrs. - $66/day - $264/week

Two person auger drill

2-Person Auger & 1 Bit

$54 for 4 hrs. - $81/day

Extra auger bit for two person auger drill

Additional Auger Bit


Two behind spreader

Tow Behind Spreader

$12/day - $48/week

Electric jack hammer

Electric Jack Hammer

$60 for 4 hrs. - $90/day - $360/week

Drywall Lift

$22 for 4 hrs. - $33/day - $132/week

Floor drum sander

Floor Drum Sander

$36 for 4 hrs. - $54/day - $216/week

Tile scraper/Floor stripper

Tile Scraper

$44 for 4 hrs. - $66/day - $264/week

Floor Buffer machine

Floor Buffer

$26 for 4 hrs. - $39/day - $156/week

Pressure washer

Pressure Washer

$44 for 4 hrs. - $66/day - $269/week

Tile Saw

$38 for 4 hrs. - $57/day - $228/week

Gas powered cutoff saw

Gas Concrete Cutoff Saw

$50 for 4 hrs. - $85/day - $289/week

Portable electric cement mixer.

3.5 CuFt Concrete Mixer

$26 for 4 hrs. - $39/day - $156/week

Small Electric Eel electric snake.

1/2"x50' Electric Snake

$36 for 4 hrs. - $45/day - $216/week

Large Electric Eel electric snake.

3/4"x80' Electric Snake

$50 for 4 hrs. - $75/day - $300/week

Jenny hand carry air compressor.

125 PSI Air Compressor

$22 for 4 hrs. - $33/day - $132/week

Appliance dolly

Appliance Dolly

$10 for 4 hrs. - $15/day - $60/week

More rental equipment is available. If you didn’t see what you are looking for, be sure to give us a call at 406-259-3391.

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