Framed Building 26560

Framed barn with gambrel roof and lean-to.

Building Number: 26560

Building: 32'x44'x10' Framed Building, with 12' x 44' open lean-to on one side

Roof Style: Gambrel

Doors: 1 - 3'x6'8" steel walk door, 1 - 14'x10' split sliding door, 1 - 7'6"x6' faux double door

Windows: 4 - 32"x44" direct set windows with wooden stops & jambs, 4 - 36"x24" white vinyl slider windows with lockable shutters

Siding: 1x8 pine shiplap with rough sawn board & batten on gable ends

Roofing: 26ga galvanized 2.5" corrugated steel

Accessories: Customer provided cupola, Soffit, Lighting

  • Exterior end of gambrel barn showing windows and open sliding barn doors.
  • Exterior end of gambrel barn showing windows and closed sliding barn doors.
  • End and side of barn with red siding.
  • View of back and side of barn from high up.
  • Close op of cupola with weather vane a top corrugated metal roof.
  • View of length of barn with American flag on back wall.
  • Interior of barn showing corrugated steel lining the ceiling.
  • Interior of barn with exposed trusses, lighting and fans.
  • Barn under construction with house wrap up but no roofing.
  • Lean-to and end of barn in the construction process.
  • End and side of exterior of barn while it is being constructed.
  • Side view of barn with construction crew working on the roof.
  • Barn in process of being build showing framing and trusses.
  • End view of barn in the construction process.
  • Lean-to and side of barn during construction. Steel roof is almost finished.
  • Corrugated steel roofing installed on gambrel roof trusses.

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