Heartland Wood Pellets

Heartland Wood Pellets

Fuel your wood pellet stove with high quality Heartland Wood Pellets sold at S-Bar-S Building Center in Billings, MT.  Heartland Pellets are 100% wood with no additives.  These pellets are clean burning, Ponderosa Pine, producing high BTUs (8573 average) and low ash (.33% average).

We sell Heartland Wood Pellets by the bag (40 lbs.) or as a pallet load (60 bags/ 1.2 tons).

Need your pellets delivered?  Ask about our delivery program.

Whether you need a 40 pound bag or a ton of pellets, S Bar S is the best place in Yellowstone County to buy wood stove pellets.  S-Bar-S Building Center supplies Heartland wood stove pellets to the communities of Billings, Lockwood, Laurel, Shepherd, Huntley, Roundup, Hardin and more.  We are located at 2032 Old Hardin Rd, just off of I-90 between exit 452 and exit 455.  If you need your pellet stove pellets delivered, we can schedule a delivery for you.

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