Pole Building 290

Finished pole barn with two overhead doors.

Building Number: PB290

Building Use: Shop

Roof Style: Gable

Accessories: Overhead Doors, Walk Door, Windows, Insulation, Electrical, Plumbing, Finished Interior

  • Gable end of a pole barn that has just had the steel siding finished.
  • Scaffolding next to a pole barn that has just had the steel siding put up.
  • Gable end of a pole barn that has just been sided in steel. The scaffolding is still nearby.
  • Workers prepping the sub-base and form for a concrete slab.
  • Concrete form with prepped base that will become a floor for a pole barn.
  • Exposed plumbing within the concrete form that will be a slab for a pole barn.
  • Concrete slab for a pole barn curing in its form.
  • Base plates on a concrete slab with anchors awaiting the post for a pole barn.
  • Putting up turned girt framing between the posts of a pole barn.
  • Top plate awaiting trusses on a pole barn frame.
  • Completed wooden pole barn frame that includes posts, turned girts, and roof trusses.
  • View of the roof trusses from underneath.
  • Scaffolding set up on one side of a wooden pole barn frame with steel siding starting to be installed.
  • Interior view of a pole barn as the steel siding is being installed on the wooden frame.
  • Wooden pole barn frame that has steel siding on one side being installed.
  • S-Bar-S work truck parked in front of the exposed frame of a pole barn under construction.
  • Man on a ladder installing a sheet of steel siding on the gable end of a pole barn.
  • Future bathrooms under construction inside a pole barn.
  • Man standing in front of an open circuit breaker panel that has been installed on a pole barn frame.
  • Electrical boxes with attached wiring shown installed on a wooden pole barn frame.
  • Electrical wiring coming down from the exposed roof trusses and wall frame of a pole barn that is under construction.
  • Detail of plumbing work that is being done in the construction of a pole barn.
  • Fiberglass insulation has been between the girts of a pole barn that is being constructed.
  • looking through the frame of an interior wall to the installed fiberglass insulation in the exterior walls and rafters.
  • Completed interior of a pole barn with concrete floor and interior walls of wood and steel.
  • Finished pole barn with two overhead doors.

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