S-Bar-S Greenhouses

S-Bar-S builds high-quality greenhouses at affordable prices. Our standard features include:

  • Treated skids
  • Sturdy floor joists
  • Clear polycarbonate panels
  • Steel trim pieces

Greenhouse - Gable Roof

This greenhouse style comes with a screen door, a 3×2 window for added ventilation and and 2-2’x12′ planting benches (not pictured). Start your garden off right with a greenhouse from S-Bar-S.


  • 10’x12′ Kit………….$3,215
  • 10’x12′ Prebuilt…..$4,765
Portable clear plastic greenhouse with metal shelving.

Need a different style Greenhouse?

If you are looking for more greenhouse ideas, check out the ones available at our online store. There are several to choose from, along with lots of gardening tools and accessories. Remember, you get free shipping to our store!