In-Store Specials

Periodically, S-Bar-S has in-store specials that we don’t mail out to area residents. But you can still find out about them by checking here to see the current deals. They are also put up on our Facebook Page if you would like to check there.

We just got in a new shipment of Heartland Wood Pellets. These premium grade pellets are made with no fillers or additives.

Come on in to S-Bar-S and get your pellets for the upcoming heating season.

S-Bar-S has clearanced all of our patio furniture, grills, smokers, fountains, and yard decorations!

Come on in to the store and see what we have available. There are some great deals to be had, and plenty of nice weather left to enjoy being out on the patio.

Bag of ceadr mulch on a background of mulch.

We just got a truckload of cedar mulch in at an unbelievable price and we have passed the savings on to you.

Just $3.99 for a 3 cubic foot bag! Feel free to shop around and see if you can beat that price. It is Western Red Cedar mulch from Mountain West Products.

Mulch not only looks great but it helps to prevent weeds and helps to keep moisture in the soil. It can even help to improve soil conditions over time. Natural mulch is a win-win product.

Buy a 25-bag pallet and get an even bigger bargain, just $3.49 per bag when buying in bulk.

Come on into S-Bar-S today and get yours.